Looking Back

It has been a journey of only small steps thus far.  A child,  a mission trip, a call, and a baptism.

From the time I was a senior in high school, I knew God had a ministry for me.  However, I didn’t really ever understand exactly what it was.  I just knew what it wasn’t – missionary.  Don’t misunderstand, I had nothing against missionaries and the work they did.  I just knew God would never ask me to do what they did and that was fine by me, because honestly I didn’t want to.

Fast forward through college to when I first met Kevin after a ballgame and talked for hours about church and faith and all the things we had in common.  He worked with Kid’s Church at his church and I worked with kids and teenagers at my church.  That is also the night I knew God had brought my forever partner into my life.  We were going to do ministry together.

Race through another decade.  Now we are married, have two children of our own, have been involved in our local church in some form of kid’s ministry and even tried, unsuccessfully, to start our own children’s evangelistic puppet ministry. (Side note: Kevin has always been an awesome puppeteer.)

Over the next several years, we, believing and trusting God was leading us, followed paths that seemed to only lead to closed doors.  The hardest path to understand was why we were never allowed to be foster parents even after completing all the training, classes and home studies.

We continued to serve in the local church.   We enjoyed (sometimes) watching as our family grew up.  They were growing in their own faith and calling and purpose.  Sometimes their journey was pretty rough and rocky, but God remained faithful.  Adding a beautiful daughter-in-love and a grandson was truly a blessing.

Being reminded of God’s purpose and plan for us, we even studied and received our minister’s license through the denomination I was raised in.  I was the music pastor ( which included working with the kids) and Kevin was the kid’s pastor.  We were getting on up in years (not too old) and thought this was it for us.  We had found where we were to remain.  We enjoyed what we were doing and who we were working for and with.

Finally, 2009 arrives and we change everything we have ever known.  For the first time, we changed jobs, moved to two new cities, and eventually one of the cities led to a new state.  One thing never changed for me – I had for years wanted more children, more specifically-boys.

So that’s the cliff notes, for now.  Next blog will take you from December 2009 to March of 2015.  God has ordered our steps and for 30 years we have walked in them.  I am truly amazed, but yet too tired to continue tonight.


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