New Baptism

Okay, not sure what happened to the last draft I started and thought I ‘d saved, but I can’t find it.  Maybe I’ll get this blog thing figured out.

I’m going to skip through a few years from the last post and share the last 2 1/2 years journey.

In January of 2013 I visited Judah Church (not my first time) with my daughter – in-love.  I say that because she came and picked me up and took me to church with her – another story for another day.  This particular Sunday the pastor (PG) presented a children support program for a daycare facility in Riobamba, Ecuador.  The support money was to help complete the daycare at Semila and provide school supplies for the children.

Looking over the cards with the children’s photos, I couldn’t help but notice “Joshua”.  He was wearing a Batman shirt and since my grandson was all about some super heroes, I thought, “Maybe”.  At the end of service when PG explained the program, I said to God if the little boy in the batman shirt was still there, then I would take that as a sign to be a sponsor.  I hung back and let the regular attenders have first pick.  Finally I walked up to the table and there was Batman.  So I did what I  told God I would do.

In May of that year Judah went on a mission trip to complete the daycare.  I wanted to go so I could meet this little boy I had sponsored, but due to prior commitments I wasn’t able.  I had begun attending the Lionesses Bible Study with my daughter-in-love and was excited for the team to return so I could hear how things were and more importantly I wanted to know when they were going back.  I didn’t know why, I thought it was to meet a child, but I knew I would be on the next trip.

The date was soon announced – December 1-8.  We signed up, committed, raised our funds (Thanks to all who supported us) and I was excited to be able to celebrate my 50th birthday on December 2, 2013 in Ecuador.  Needless to say, that week was nothing I expected.  I learned a new term – “Cemented in flexiblity”.  God stretched me and wrecked me all in the same week.  My life would never be the same.  I was missionized – another term I learned.  I was during this trip God called me clearly into Orphan Ministries.  I was water baptized into my new ministry calling (another story within itself).  I knew what, but I didn’t know yet the where, or at least I didn’t think I did.

Side note- As I’m sitting here writing this, I realize this is suppose to be “our” story, but I find it hard to share someone else’s story.  Maybe one day Kevin will share his own.  Please understand though, this is “our” journey.

When I returned to the states all I wanted to do was get on a plane and go back to Ecuador.  Adjusting to being back was hard.  Being unemployed at the the time, I had a whole lot of time on my hands.  The holidays that year were celebrated with an all new perspective.  As time passed, things got better.

Now reverse the hands of time back to September of 2013.  I was at Judah for Kingdom Advancing Sunday.  They announced that Sunday they would be in the beginning stage of Orphanage ministry in one of three countries – Honduras, Peru, and China or India (maybe?).  See I don’t really remember because I really didn’t hear much past Honduras.  Something inside of me just leaped.  Wasn’t sure, but I just kinda knew I would be there one day.

Now fast forward back to January of 2014.  I heard they were taking a 3 person team to boots on the ground in Honduras.  I was heart broken I didn’t get to go.  I didn’t know why, but I was really longing for Honduras.  Judah announced they would be returning to Ecuador in July and God provided enough tax refund money for us to go.  Somehow I knew this would be the last trip.  I had also learned they were planning a team trip to Honduras in September and I was definitely going on that trip as well. (Or so I thought).

We made the trip in July, returned home and begin planning for Honduras.  Much to my disappointment, it got postponed till November.  I became really frustrated when the November trip was cancelled.  I didn’t understand why God had given me such a heart for a country, but would not let me go there.  Everyone I spoke to kept reminding me I would go in His timing.  It’s really hard to wait sometimes.  It’s in the waiting the enemy really tries to make you doubt.

Well, I did what most of us do while we are waiting.  I begin deciding what God wanted our ministry to look like.  We were going to continue making mission trips, eventually staying for up to three months at a time, then we would travel around the USA  in a travel trailer doing mission work wherever God opened up the doors.  Of course, this would all coincide with Kevin’s retirement.  I’m sure God was really enjoying the show.  Probably thinking, Silly child, I know the plans I have for you…

Finally, it was confirmed.  In March 2015,  we would be going to visit an all boys orphanage (Hogar de Ninos Senderos de Amor) in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras.  Only three of us went – Pastor Michael Goins, Kevin and I.  Project – Help prepare a computer lab for the boys and learn how to properly operate a successful orphanage.  Unfortunately, only the computer lab was a moderate success and we learned more how not to run an orphanage.  Funny things is, projects and plans aside, I felt at home.  I fell in love with the boys.  I wanted to be there for them and I knew I would be returning on the planned trip for September, 2015.  It broke my heart to leave the boys that day, not knowing if I would only see them once more.

Again I returned home, ready to return to Honduras.  I couldn’t believe my ears when Pastor Michael finally revealed to us the plans Judah Church has for Senderos.  Even greater was knowing we were at the center of God’s will in those plans.  This ministry baby God birth in my spirit 18 months prior to my first visit begin to leap and this week the birthing has begun.  For you see, God didn’t make us wait till September to return, this week has been the process of beginning labor pains.

So that brings you full circle in our path.  As I finish writing this, I am not as sad knowing tomorrow I will be leaving, because I know this just the beginning of the next stage.   In the next couple of days I will share some the things we were able to accomplish during our trip and the story of some of the new boys god has added to our family.  I will also try to keep these blogs shorter in the future.


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