More than a “Couple of Days”

WOW!!!! When last I posted, I said I would post again in a couple of days.  It’s amazing how time is flying by because it’s been almost three weeks.  However a LOT has happened not only for Senderos, but for our family.

Quick note – When returned from Honduras, we were met at the airport by our daughter and her very soon to be husband.  I call him that because before we even got our luggage, our daughter announced she wanted to move her wedding date from May 2016 to August 29, 2015.  Well needless to say since then my life has been almost completely consumed with “all things wedding”.

BUT, things have been happening on the Senderos front as well, both here at home and in Honduras.

While we were there, Kevin and I, along with some help from Geovanny, were successful in measuring all of the existing buildings and structures, as well as the perimeter wall at Senderos.  Not only have they been measured, but Kevin and I have drawn, to scale, the layout of all the buildings, including their proximity to the property fence.  We are still in process of drawing the full site plan including the wall, but haven’t had time to complete this yet.

We have not only drawn the existing buildings, but we have also done preliminary future “Special Needs Wing” drawings/floor plans.  Construction of this building will increase the square footage of the bedroom for these boys by almost double, provide them with a handicap bathing room, and a therapy room with indoor and outdoor space.  Completion of the building will then allow for more projects to be implemented.

For right now the Special Needs Building is the number one project for teams, who want to help make a difference, to focus on.  In September, JUDAH Church will be returning, with a Construction Team, to do as much work as possible toward the completion of this building.  We are hoping other teams who want to visit will help towards this goal.  I will do another blog later today or tomorrow with more details about the project.

I also wanted to highlight some things that have been taking place in our absence from Senderos.  Through the wonderful support from people and organizations already in Honduras, a lot of changes have occurred at the home since our first visit in March of this year.

A wonderful couple, Trish and Kelly, and their “Honduran Son” -Enrique (who happens to be a grown man) have put so much love and time (hard work) into Senderos.  The cleanliness has improved, staff involvement with the boys has improved and general overall care for the boys and their home has improved.  Enrique has been very instrumental in making these things happen.  I enjoyed getting to spend a couple of days with Trish and Kelly while there in June.  I truly believe they are God appointed to be in not only the boys lives, but mine and Kevin’s as well.  They are true assets.  I am loving what they are accomplishing, especially with our Special Needs boys. I am almost jealous, but am more blessed.

We love the boys at Senderos and we love all who are truly working to make their home a better place.  If you have any questions of how you can help or make a difference, please contact me or Kevin.

Geovanny helping with the measuring of the wall.  He is one of our "Special" boys
Geovanny helping with the measuring of the wall. He is one of our “Special” boys

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