We’re Here

Walking by Faith…                                                                                       January, 2016


After several months of (sometimes stressful) preparation, we boarded a plane (the first of three) in Fayetteville, NC and arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on January 21, 2016. Tired and hungry upon our arrival, we made a stop at the mall and enjoyed a baleadas (traditional Honduran dish similar to a soft taco, but made with eggs, beans, cheese, mantequilla- kind of a mix between butter and sour cream, and sometimes meat such as chorizo or chicken). Next stop was to secure a Honduran phone so we would be able to communicate with the people we know here, which isn’t many, but enough. We also made a stop at La Colonia (comparable to Bi-Lo or Publix) to pick up a few grocery items.


By this time it was late (after dark) so we were ready to arrive at the orphanage and see the boys. The gate was adorned with a Welcome sign. As we pulled in, we were surrounded by boys; making it almost impossible to open the doors and get out. Once we emerged from the vehicle we were almost tackled with hugs and kisses from excited boys (even the ones we had never met).


Being able to comfort a crying child who had fallen asleep during dinner, was put in his bed, and woke up alone and afraid was a definite confirmation of our move, but it was also a reminder of two very important little boys I had to leave behind. Even I don’t fully understand how I can have my heart so full of love for my family, and yet at the same time, have it drawn to a foreign country and filled with love for these boys who were strangers less than a year ago.


All I can say is it’s a walk and journey of faith.




4 thoughts on “We’re Here

  1. I hope you are regularly going to post these on here. I really enjoyed reading this. Knew you were going but did not know when your arrival date was there! THANK YOU FOR BEING OBEDIENT to God’s call. He is going to bless you beyond description for that. (Eph 3:20-21) I really want you to meet my brother Larry Smoak and his wife Allison. They have 3 girls and she is pregnant. They live in La Cieba and often come to San Pedros Sula! He has lived in La Cieba close to 20 years now and would know anything you need to know or find! You can PM either one of them on fb.


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