Just a Glimpse

WOW! We have been busy. Last week was filled with visitors, boys returning from home visits, building relationships with the boys, staff, and others, getting ready for the start of another school year and of course beginning the house hunt.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

On Wednesday, a young man, Ernesto, wanted to share his birthday with the boys from Senderos so he rented 2 inflatable bounce houses, a popcorn machine, and a cotton candy machine and was here about 4 hours. He told me he has so much he wanted to share. He is a very humble young man who continues to come several times a week just to help out in anyway he can and often brings a couple of friends to do the same.



Friday night, we had our first “Family Night”. I cooked for the boys and we treated them with ice cream and a movie. Some are asking me when I am going to cook again. That was really fun until the water decided it didn’t want to work and all the dishes had to wait till morning to be washed. (Side note: One word I learned very quickly is “película” or movie and another is “rompecabezas” or puzzle, both of which the boys always want.


Saturday morning some local people came and blessed the boys with bags and bags of beans and rice and flour and much more. They invited us to church on Sunday. They said they would send a bus and feed us lunch.

Saturday afternoon a family came to the orphanage to celebrate their daughter’s 15th birthday with the boys. They fixed lunch and played with the boys. They also volunteered to help us with translating any time we needed. Their daughter, Karla, attends bilingual school. We also had the opportunity to meet one of her cousins, William, who told us he had just surrendered his heart to Christ the night before and was still coming out of an alcohol induced hangover. He said alcohol had cost him too much already and he didn’t want to lose his wife and the child they are expecting as well. Please keep him in your prayers. We encouraged him to trust in God to help him be strong and not to give up, even if he stumbles.


Sunday was no different, busy as could be. Up and ready for church waiting for the bus, when a pick-up truck shows up. (This is a story for itself and the next blog). We went to church, had a delicious meal and returned to home. That afternoon, Ernesto returned with a family that was donating school supplies for the boys. Then Kevin and I were treated to afternoon coffee at Giovanna’s home (she’s the director at Senderos). We had a very nice time and conversation with her; strengthening relationships. Once we returned to Senderos, Ernesto’s parents had arrived to see what their son was doing and where he was helping. His dad, a doctor, was very willing to do any thing he could and even took an interest in the well being of the special needs boys. We, then, were invited to go and have supper with Ernesto and his family, which proved to be a beneficial connection and God ordained.


After returning for the night, boys were tucked in bed and we awaited our 4:45 wake up alarm to begin Monday morning and sending our boys off on their first day of school. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little emotional. Seeing them walk down the street, even the littlest ones, was a moment of sadness and excitement for all the new possibilities awaiting them in the new year.


Please help us cover them in prayer.








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