Mama Bear

There has been so much going on lately, especially since the last post.  Many times I have thought about sitting down and putting a new blog up, but have been very uncertain as to want I want to share.  Even as I sit to write this blog, I am only semi sure of where it’s going.  So, I apologize up front if I tend to ramble or go off on a tangent.  All I ask is that you bear with me.

A huge part of what I do here in Senderos is try to be a mama to the boys.  For those of you who are parents (especially Mothers) fully understand all that entails – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It amazes me how God designed our hearts to be so full of love that I can say I honestly love my Senderos Sons, unconditionally and fully, as though I gave birth to every one of them.(Funny thing is, when I was expecting my second child {pre-sonogram/ultrasound days}, I was afraid I wouldn’t love “it” as much as I did my first-born, if “it” was to be a boy as well.)

Do they make me mad? YES!  Do they drive me crazy? YES! Do they disappoint me? YES! Do they make me want to pull my hair out sometimes? OF COURSE!  Do they fight, aggravate, irritate, and instigate trouble with each other?  Only EVERY DAY!! They are every one, totally, completely, undeniably BOYS.  They are MINE, given to me by God, and it doesn’t matter who I am to them.  For me, they are my sons, mis hijos.

Now some of you are probably thinking, “Why focus on the negatives?”.  Because one by one I want to show you who they are, where they come from, and how they make none of the other stuff matter.  You see, they are way more than the few (OK maybe not so few) times a week, day, or hour I find my self telling them to be nice, don’t bother each other, no fighting, keep your hands to yourself, listen to me, look at me, stop that, and  well, you get the picture.

My boys are full of potential with a chance to rise above their past and have a great impact in the future for their community, country, and the Kingdom of God.

My boys have baggage – emotional, physical, mental, sexual, social.

My boys have scars and hurts so deep that no one should ever have to endure.

My boys know what it’s like to be hungry, afraid, and alone.

My boys know how it feels to be placed in an orphanage because your parents can’t afford to take care of you.

My boys know what its like to lose a parent(s) to prison or even death.

My boys know what its like to have nothing and feel you have to hold tight to everything you get (hoarding) because of then uncertainity of when you will get more.

My boys know what its like to have never known the love of a mother or father, to be unwanted and left on the streets.

My boys know a lot and have been through enough, it’s no wonder they act the way they do sometimes.  Funny thing is, I’ve seen kids who have been through a lot less in life and have had it way better, but still act the same way my boys do.

When my boys drive me crazy with their fighting and fussing, I see potential.  I see a will and determination.  My job is to help harness and redirect to the positive.  I have to model and show them how to be angry and not sin.  My job is to teach them to use their voice in the correct way because their words matter and what they have to say is important.

I am their mama bear.  I will protect and defend them.  I can acknowledge their imperfections and short comings, but no one better talk bad about my boys.

My boys are strong, overcomers, intelligent, creative, resourceful, hard workers, happy, healthy, helpful, loving, compassionate, giving, caring, sweet, accepting of others, and protectors of their brothers/family.

My boys don’t need sympathy, they need support. Please support my boys, me and Kevin with your prayers.  If you want to support any other way -financial, time, talent, that would be greatly appreciated as well. Just ask how and I’ll let you know.



One thought on “Mama Bear

  1. Laura and Kevin: We prayed that the boys would get a mom and dad that would love them. I praise Jesus that he has given this wonderful opportunity to you guys. During our recent visit, after sitting with you both and hearing all about the love you are sharing with them, we came away with hearts full of gratitude to our Lord. It is evident, by watching the boys with you and Kevin, that they love and trust you too. Thank you for giving yourselves to these boys. We love them at Living Waters Church, Dutton, Virginia. They are never far from our thoughts. We pray for them all the time and know God is answering. We will see you again in November and look forward to hearing more about your time there. Lou and Virgie Carter.804-815-6381. Please let us know if you need us.


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